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About relic-works

In 2001 Susan Heideman (artist) and Annie Boutelle (poet) traveled to the Netherlands to see "The Way to Heaven," an exhibition of medieval reliquaries. relic-works is the result: a series of linked images and poems celebrating the mystery of those venerated objects.

This book owes its existence to the felicitous nexus of four Smith College affiliates: Heideman and Boutelle, both faculty members; Barry Moser, internationally renowned book designer, who designed the book in his capacity as Professor in Residence; and Henk van Os, Director Emeritus of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Chaired Professor of University of Amsterdam, and frequent Visiting Professor at Smith. It was van Os who organized "The Way to Heaven" and later urged artist and poet to document their collaboration in a book.


Published in Spring 2007 by Hugorose Press, Northampton, Massachusetts, the 48 page hard cover book is printed on archival paper and features 15 full color images, essays by Heideman and Boutelle, and an afterword by van Os.

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