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Inside/outside, plant/animal, natural/supernatural, we tend to sort the world into categories of opposition.  But some things just don’t fit.  It is the world of these unsortables that engages my ideas.  In my paintings and embroidered works-on-paper I try to embody a nature we cannot sort:  objects, forms, and entities that have within them characteristics of opposing categories and therefore occupy neither.  Although informed by both micro and macro aspects of the natural world, I try to express entities that live between taxonomies.  Do they exist?  The dramas I concoct may defy Newtonian physics.  Unnameable things flow, hurl, creep, or ride geyser-like spouts; auras sprout and retract; molecule-like forms mineralize; rock-like things liquefy.  The multiverse concept of contemporary physics posits an infinite number of universes, moving us from the “everything is possible” belief system to “everything exists.”  I use image-making to investigate the infinitude of the latter. I hope the resulting abstract hybrids generate indelible, persistent, and mysteriously charged realities.

Watch Yvonne Stapp's Video Interview with Artists Susan Heideman and Michelle Lougee About Exhibition, "The Life of Forms," August, 2019

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